Examining the Advantages of Wood Fences

In an age where homeowners have more choices than ever before when building and renovating, choosing the material in which you build your fence is just one of the many decisions to be made. In spite of this, the classic wood fence remains a viable and preferred option for many residents of the San Jose area. To understand why, we must look to the advantages afforded by wood fences.

Wooden Fence

While some metal fences are also made from natural resources, wood has the most natural look of any common fencing materials. Unlike vinyl fences and other synthetic fences that are manufactured to look like wood, wood has the makeup to back up that natural appearance. For many homeowners, there is no alternative to the real deal.

Aesthetically Appealing
Well-maintained wood fences are almost universally appealing. That classic, traditional look suits almost all home exteriors and natural backdrops, and can also boost the curb appeal of a home.

Capable of being assembled barn-style, in pickets, and as high planks with narrow or no gaps, wood is one of the most versatile fencing materials. From keeping housepets or cattle from escaping your property to giving you the privacy and security you are after, there are many applications for which wood fences are ideal.

The cost of a wood fence can vary dramatically. Price hinges primarily on the species of wood, style of fence, and dimensions that are chosen. Many wood fences are affordable to begin with, and almost all wood fences are cost-effective to maintain when compared with other fencing materials.

Among the species of wood from which you can choose to build your fence, redwood is among the most desirable. For access to high-quality, real redwood fencing at affordable prices, call Southern Lumber at (408) 297-WOOD. For more than a century, we have proudly provided San Jose area property owners with fine redwood and other specialty woods for fences, outdoor decks and living areas, and other home construction and design applications.

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