Tips for Preventing Wood Floor Gaps

While it may not be as much of a problem in San Jose as in parts of the country that are known for their chilly winters, hardwood flooring anywhere is vulnerable to the emergence of gaps when cooler weather arrives. Fortunately, this common wood flooring issue can be avoided in mild climates with the right preventative maintenance. A lack of moisture is typically responsible for gaps in wood flooring. Restricting ventilation and adding moisture to your home’s indoor air using a humidifier are two ways to keep wood floors from drying out.

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If you have yet to choose hardwood flooring for your construction or renovation project, you can further reduce your risk of having to deal with floor gaps by choosing your flooring wisely. Engineered wood flooring and narrow planks of some dimensionally stable hardwood species are more resistant to floor gaps than planks assembled from other types of wood. To speak with a moulding and millwork specialist who can help you choose a wood flooring material that is unlikely to develop gaps after being installed in your San Jose home, call Southern Lumber at (408) 297-WOOD.

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