Simple Tips for Repairing Wood Floors

Hardwood offers durable, low-maintenance flooring that can last up to 100 years. Wood flooring not only enhances the look of your home, it also makes your home easier to sell if you put it on the market.

Although hardwood holds up well under daily use, these floors can accumulate damage. Scratches can be removed by sanding and refinishing the wood, but large gouges or broken planks must be replaced. Check out this video to learn how to remove damaged planks and replace them yourself to restore the integrity of your hardwood floor. 

Southern Lumber offers flooring, woodworking supplies, and a custom cutting facility to help you install, repair, or replace your hardwood floors. We are a California Licensed Contractor (#645097) with skilled staff members ready to help you with your next home improvement project. Click through our website or call (408) 297-9663 to learn more.

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