A Guide to Choosing Interior Doors for Your Home

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Interior doors may seem like features meant to fade into the background, but your choice of door can have a large impact on the look and feel of any room. Whether you are replacing a door due to damage and wear or choosing a new door during a remodel, there are many factors to consider. Understanding your options and how the right choice of door can influence the look of your home will help you to choose the best style of door for any space.

Door Styles
While the majority of doors are slab doors, there are a variety of styles available for interior use. French doors are two-paneled doors that separate vertically down the center, while a Dutch door is divided in half horizontally for a window-like quality. Gliding and sliding doors move horizontally on tracks rather than swinging on hinges. Bifold doors operate like a folding screen, stacking against a wall on hinges when open. Each type of door offers different stylistic elements for your home. While it’s possible and often desirable to utilize more than one style of door in your home, stick with a similar theme to maintain a sense of flow.

Door Frames
If you choose to retain the existing frame when replacing a door, it’s important to choose a door that does not clash stylistically with the woodwork already in place. While moulding can easily be painted or stained to match your new door, the style of the moulding—whether simple or ornate—can influence your choice of door style as well. If you have found an interior door you love but does not work with your existing frame, consider replacing the frame and moulding with a more appropriate style that allows you to utilize the door you like.

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