A Look at How Southern Lumber Makes Door Replacement Easy


Many homeowners and businesses wishing to replace either an exterior or interior door need a new door that closely matches the door requiring replacement. Additionally, retaining the original frame, jambs, and mouldings during a door replacement reduces both waste and costs. Nearly two decades ago, Southern Lumber pioneered a process called “door matching.” Our expert staff will use your old door as a template to create a new door that will fit into the frame of the old one. Your new door can be cut and bored to exactly the same measurement as your old door, reducing installation time and the financial cost of replacing any door.

At Southern Lumber, our goal is to provide top-quality products and skilled services throughout the San Jose area. Visit our website to read more about the door replacement and custom cutting options we offer in our showrooms. You can find out more about our worry free warranty and professional pricing for builders and installers by calling (408) 297-9663.

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