Getting to Know the Most Common Moulding Styles

crown molding detail

When designing an interior space, it’s important to pay close attention to the details. Though often very subtle, moulding can mean the difference between a space that looks empty and one that looks just right. Whether you’re building a new house or planning a comprehensive renovation, it’s a good idea for you to become familiar with the different kinds of moulding:  

The area where the wall and floor meet can sometimes appear awkward or otherwise unsightly. To remedy that problem, many homeowners opt for baseboard moulding, which is installed all along the bottom of the wall. Baseboard moulding usually has a fairly simple design, perhaps with a small bit of decorative trim.

When a new window or door is installed, there is sometimes an unpleasant-looking gap between the frame and the wall. One elegant solution to this problem is to install casing along the edge of your new window or door. Door or window casing can either match other moulding in your home or it can provide an interesting contrast.

Chair Rail
If you’d like to give your home interior a traditional, luxurious appearance, you might consider chair railing. This kind of moulding is usually installed about three feet off the ground, and is meant to prevent chairs from damaging the wall. With this function in mind, you might install chair railing all around your dining room.

Crown Moulding
When most people think of moulding, crown moulding is what comes to mind. Crown moulding is so named because it sits on the top of the walls and is often very ornate. Most types of crown moulding have an interesting combination of sharp angles and curves.

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