Design Inspiration for Your New Bathroom Vanity

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The most important rule when building or selecting a bathroom vanity is to match the vanity’s style with the overarching design of the bathroom. If you are partial to the look of specialty woods, you will love the rich, elegant look of the wooden vanities and cabinetry options at Southern Lumber. Read on for more design inspiration for your new bathroom vanity.


Few things look better in a modern bathroom than vanity cabinets made from specialty woods. Not only does wood create contrast in a sleek, sophisticated bathroom, but it provides anti-bacterial benefits as well. Glass doors and open shelving are two of the most popular designs in bathroom cabinetry at the moment.


Marble is a luxurious material that serves as a beautiful compliment to vanities with wood cabinetry. Tiles and mouldings made of a material such as limestone, granite, or travertine would also look great if you’re going for a modern, luxurious bathroom look. Glass tiles make an ideal countertop for your bathroom vanity, as they have a sleek texture and are easy to clean. They can be found in a wide range of colors that will contrast well with wood cabinetry.

Lighting and Mirrors

Well-placed sconces or a stylish chandelier will transform the look of your bathroom vanity. Buying a large, custom-made mirror will add even more brightness to the bathroom while accentuating the beauty of your bathroom vanity. If you have wooden cabinetry in the bathroom, a custom mirror frame made out of the same color wood will create a stunning look.

Other Considerations

Pay close attention to the design and color of the sink as this can make or break the look of a bathroom vanity. Hardware near the bathroom vanity—including the towel hanger and faucet handles—should be chosen with consideration to the bathroom vanity as well.

Southern Lumber is the Bay Area’s top source for specialty woods. We’ve been in business since 1904, and can transform your bathroom with a gorgeous bathroom vanity, hardwood flooring, and even a custom door. Call us at (408) 297-9663 or visit our website for more information

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