Factors to Consider Before You Shop for New Doors

wooder front door

New wood doors are an investment in your home’s value and style. But before you start shopping for new doors, think about the exposure of your door. Does an overhang cover the door? Which direction does it face? Consider the size of your door, the wall it would attach to, and the opening. Think about the material you would like to show—paint-grade, stain-grade, fiberglass, or steel. Look at the different paint, stain, and hardware options you have as well. What type of sill and threshold would you like with your new door—oak, aluminum, or a combination? Sometimes the frame, also known as the doorjamb, needs to be replaced before installing the new door, while other times the old frame works fine.

You will also want to decide which company you want to install and finish the door. At Southern Lumber, we have more than 105 years of experience with door installation and replacement in the Bay Area. We also offer specialty woods and woodworking supplies for our customers. For more information about our wood doors and door installation services, call us at (408) 297-9663 or visit our website.

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