Choosing a Finish for Your Wood Floor

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Applying a finish to your wood floor forms a protective coating that protects the floor from damage, extends the life of your floor, and makes it easier to clean your floor. But with so many types of finishes, it can be difficult to find the right one. Use the following guide to choose a finish that’s best for your hardwood floor.

Surface Finishes

This is the most popular type of wood finish because it is durable, water-resistant, and low-maintenance. Water-based finishes are clear, resilient, and take just a few hours to dry. Oil-based finishes are durable as well, but they have an amber-like finish and take about eight hours to dry. Acid-cured finishes are stronger, and are between clear and somewhat amber in color. Moisture-cured finishes are the strongest and most moisture-resistant of the surface finishes. They only take a few hours to dry and have a color that’s between clear and amber.

Wax Finishes

This type of finish reaches into the pores of the wood, hardens, and forms a low luster, amber-colored seal. While this type of finish is durable, it is prone to showing water spots and other forms of contamination.

Acrylic-Impregnated Finishes

This finish is injected into the wood to form a hard, durable seal for your floor. It’s rare to find acrylic-impregnated finishes in a residential setting; they’re more commonly used in ultra-high traffic venues including restaurants and malls.

Other Finishes

UV-cured finishes are waterborne and can be cured instantly with the use of ultraviolet light. You can choose the exact sheen level that you prefer to create the ideal look. Penetrating and hardening oils—which include linseed oils, tun oils, and other natural oils—are another type of finish that offers hardness and protection for your wood flooring.

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