Tips for Using a Jigsaw

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Jigsaws are powerful tools that can slice through most types of wood and metal. But to ensure that you get the most out of your jigsaw while using it safely, you’ll need to take a few minutes to examine your jigsaw and familiarize yourself with proper cutting techniques and precautions. Let the following guide help you use a jigsaw to cut through the specialty woods and metals of your choice.

Acquaint Yourself with the Features of Your Jigsaw

A jigsaw with a battery will offer excellent portability, but heavy-duty cutting will require you to plug the jigsaw into the wall. See if your jigsaw has a scrolling feature, which would allow you to move the blade without moving the entire saw. Some jigsaws have an orbital action feature, which provides a thrust that substantially increases the cutting speed.

Select the Correct Blade

Wider jigsaw blades are good for producing long and straight cuts, while narrow blades are excellent for cutting curves. Smaller blade teeth make for a slower cut, but a smoother finish. When selecting a jigsaw blade for metal, ensure that at least three teeth can simultaneously touch the edge of the metal.

Prepare Before Cutting

Measure and mark a cut line for your project. You may find it useful to create a template made of paper or cardboard for the sake of accuracy and simplicity. Clamp the material you are cutting to ensure it is secure and easy to cut.  

Cut with Care

When cutting, make sure you have plenty of light and that you take regular breaks to clear the dust. Always use safety goggles, a dust mask, and thick gloves when operating a jigsaw, and never allow children to play with or near a jigsaw.

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