Tips for Selecting a Front Door for Your Home

Your front door says a lot about your home. Typically, a front door that is in ill repair suggests the home that lies behind it is not in much better shape. If you take pride in your home, especially in what others think about it, consider replacing your front door if it damaged, worn, or simply outdated. To help you make the best decision for your home (and your wallet), here are a few tips for selecting a new front door. 

Elegant Front Door in a Brick Building

Material Matters
There are a lot materials to choose from, and you are sure to find something that suits your taste and fits within your budget. However, as with anything else, you get what you pay for when it comes to front doors. Wood doors are typically more expensive than fiberglass doors, but they are also significantly more durable and secure.

Your Door, Your Design
If the cost of the door is not as important as the final product, consider custom designing a wood door especially for your home. Here at Southern Lumber, we offer custom wood cutting services, and our skilled wood craftsmen can turn your dreams into a reality.

Keep the Jambs and Mouldings
Many times, homeowners aren’t able to replace their doors without tearing out perfectly good door jambs and mouldings. Unfortunately, this adds time and additional expenses to the cost of your door replacement project. If your jambs and mouldings are good, bring your old door to Southern Lumber and let our door matching experts cut your new wood door to accommodate the existing framework and hardware.

Nearly 20 years ago, Southern Lumber pioneered the art of door matching. For a nominal fee, your new wood doors can be cut and bored to accommodate the existing framework and hardware, which means your new door can be installed in a fraction of the time (and for a fraction of the cost) that a pre-hung door would require. To learn more about our interior and exterior door matching services, call us at (408) 297-9663. 

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