Designing an Innovative Wood Deck

A wood deck can be a great place to sit around by the pool, grill a meal with your family, or simply relax and read a book. It also offers a wide range of options when it comes to designs. Keep reading to take a closer look at designing an innovative and eye-catching wood deck.

While natural wood decks can look gorgeous themselves, adding a stencil is a fun way to make it more interesting. You can stay with an outdoor theme by painting a floral design, similar to the one pictured below, or you can choose a design that is more unique, such as geometric shapes. If you want you can even add a stencil that shows your love for your favorite sports team. An image created with a stencil, or even painted free hand, can make a beautiful deck even more eye-catching.

Deck With Stenciling

Another way that wood decks allow for some extra creativity and innovation is the way in which you arrange the slats the deck is made with. You can play with the orientation of each individual piece of wood or change the direction of a whole section of the slats. For an interesting way to change things up, try orienting different spaces in different ways; for instance, you might place a section of vertically oriented slats next to a section of horizontally oriented slats, like the deck pictured below. This gives you a way to change up the look of your deck without painting it or damaging any structural integrity.

Urban Metal Balcony With Modern Orange Chairs

The right lighting can change the look and feel of your deck for any occasion. If you like to use your wood deck for outdoor relaxation at night, appropriately placed lights can truly set the stage. Try outlining the platform of your deck by setting up floor lights around its perimeter to create a softer look. You can also use these lights to highlight certain decorative aspects of your deck, by using them to highlight the railings or furniture. It is typically easier to achieve a relaxing setting by using many low-level lights rather than a few brighter ones. If you are looking for a more festive feel to a covered deck, consider hanging strands of lighting around the outer edges.

Picturesque Deck Lighting

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