Decorating with Cherry Wooden Floors

Cherry wooden floors can provide your space with a nice visual appeal. Whichever stain you choose, be sure to complement it with tasteful furniture and floor coverings. Here is a closer look at decorating with cherry wooden floors.

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Variety of Stains
Although cherry hardwood floors are harder to stain than many other kinds, certain stains can still be effective in protecting your floor’s aesthetic. When it comes to staining a cherry hardwood floor, stains with heavy pigmentation tend to be appropriate. This will protect your floor from changing colors, which occur due to exposure to ultraviolet rays. There are several different types of stains that can be used on cherry wooden floors, so choose one that ties into the design of your room. Options include early American, fruitwood, cherry, natural, and golden oak.

Aesthetic Furniture
Choose your furniture carefully in order to bring out the color of your cherry wooden floor in an optimal way. The color of your furniture should be contrasting to the color of your floor. Darker floors warrant lighter colored furniture such as creamy or pastel. Common colors include white, blue, and green. Just because you have a wood floor, however, does not mean you have to stay away from wooden furniture; simply make sure that your wooden furniture is painted so that it will contrast with the floor rather than clash.

Floor Coverings
Although cherry wooden floors can offer a beautiful display in themselves, certain types of rugs can add to their appeal and make the room seem more finished. Much like furniture, the rugs you choose should be based on the color of your floor. Again, the rug should contrast with the floor; a lighter floor means a darker rug and vice versa. Oriental, shag, and other area rugs are appropriate for decorating with cherry wooden floors.

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