How to Choose the Plank Size for Your Wooden Flooring

Did you know that plank size can affect the perceived size of the room? What’s more, the wood flooring you choose will impact the ambience in a room and even the value of your home. Look at the following considerations to help you choose a plank width for your new wood flooring.

Parquet floor

Wood-strip floors are especially common in older homes that were built when wood-strip flooring was one of the only options. Most boards in strip flooring are less than three inches in width. But having narrow floorboards in newer homes creates an attractive modern look, especially when the boards have a uniform color and are topped with a clear, glossy finish. Elongated boards can help to expand the perceived appearance in a room while making it feel more open.

Plank wood floors are made from floorboards that are between three and eight inches wide. These broad boards are ideal for homes that are decorated in country, traditional, or rustic tradition—especially if you find wooden planks that feature knotholes and distressing. Wide boards can make a space seem smaller, so it’s best to use plank wood flooring when you want to make a large room seem smaller and cozier.

Parquet wood flooring consists of blocks made in one- or two-foot squares from an assortment of wood strips of various widths. This wood flooring is an eye-catching and unique choice if you can’t decide on what plank size you want to use.

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