Factors to Consider When Shopping for a New Door

Doors, especially the front exterior door, are among the most visible parts of any house. Because they can have such an impact on curb appeal, many homeowners may wish to install custom doors made from specialty wood in San Jose. While exotic lumber can certainly make an attractive door, it is not always the best option.

Before you decide on a material and style for your door, there are several factors you need to consider. First, which direction does the door face? Doors with eastern and western exposure will get less direct sunlight than doors with northern and southern exposure, so they will be less prone to fading. You should also measure the width of the jamb and doorframe, as this can limit the size and type of door you can install. Consider whether you want to install a storm door or screen door as well—screen doors are perfect for backyard doors, as they can let in breezes without exposing the interior of your home.

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