Tips for Choosing a New Exterior Door

Exterior Door to HomeWhen an exterior door on your home is faded, splintering, creaking, or will barely close anymore, it’s time to consider door replacement in San Jose. Custom doors, especially front doors and other doors visible from the street, can increase both the curb appeal and the security of your home. If you need help choosing a replacement door, use the tips below to help you decide.

A door isn’t just an inert piece of lumber—it’s the first thing that guests see when they enter your home, and a prominent marker that neighbors see when they look at your house. The material you choose for your door is perhaps the most important consideration. Solid hardwood is the most classic and luxurious choice, but modern options include fiberglass products that come very close to replicating the look and feel of real wood. The choice largely depends on your budget and personal taste.

Doors come in different styles: solid, paneled, with or without glass. When you choose a door for your home, try to match the style with the architectural details both inside and outside. Homes with ornate moulding might look best with more ornate paneled doors or doors with frosted glass windows. More modern, sleek homes will match best with plain, simple doors. Also, decide whether you want to add a storm door or screen door, as this will affect the style that you choose.

You have two basic choices when choosing a color for your new exterior door: complement or contrast. This will depend largely on the style in which you have painted the exterior of your home. If you have a contrasting color scheme, where the colors of the moulding, window frames, and other small details strongly contrast with the main color of the exterior walls or siding, then you should choose a contrasting door color as well.

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