What are the Benefits of Installing a Screen Door?

The mild climate of the South Bay provides both cool and warm breezes year round. If you are undertaking a door replacement project in San Jose, consider adding a storm door or a screen door. If you have never had a screen door on your home before, you will enjoy the benefits that installing one can bring, such as:

Fresh Air All Year Long
San Jose is sunny most of the year, and even in winter when other regions of the country are stuck in long rainy or snowy seasons, the climate is mild and agreeable. Install a screen door on your home and you can enjoy fresh air circulation throughout your home all year long. Many storm doors have interchangeable glass and screen panels so that you can control airflow in different seasons.

Front Door Finish Protection
A screen door or storm door puts another layer between your front door and the elements. Sun, wind, and rain can all damage the paint or finish on your custom doors, which means you will need to refinish, repaint, or replace them more often. But with a storm door or a screen door as a shield, exterior doors will last longer against in type of weather.

Increased Home Security
You can purchase storm doors that double as security doors. These sturdy doors are much heavier than old-fashioned flimsy screen doors that blow in the wind. They allow air in when the inner door is open, and security storm doors also increase home security when they are closed by adding another layer of locking protection. Their sturdy metal frames make it much more difficult for burglars to pick or force door locks.

At Southern Lumber, you can select from a variety of screen doors and storm doors to match your home’s look. We also offer complete exterior door replacement and a wide selection of lumber, decking supplies, moulding, and all the tools you need for a DIY home improvement or woodworking project. Call us today at (408) 297-9663 to learn more.

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