What You Need to Know About Building a Deck

The first thing you need to do once you have decided to add a deck to your home, before you think about purchasing decking supplies in San Jose, is familiarize yourself with the building process. Whether you plan on doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, there are several fundamental decisions you need to make before construction can begin, and many smaller decisions you’ll have to make along the way.

Designing Your Deck
The basic deck design is a raised rectangle or square with a railing around it. However, this is not necessarily the best deck design for your home or for your needs. Working with a contractor, you can play around with the elements until you find a deck design that suits your taste and your home’s aesthetics. Consider removing the railing if the deck is low, adding a curved edge, or even building multiple levels to create different seating areas.

Selecting Your Wood
Wood for a deck needs to be sturdier even than wood for a fence. While fencing should be able to stand up to sun, rain, heat, cold, and all other conditions, a deck needs to resist the weather and also bear the weight of dozens or hundreds of people walking back and forth on the boards over many years. First make sure you know what kind of deck board will be used, since this can effective how far apart the joists need to be to properly support the deck. Many people choose to build the foundation of their deck with pressure-treated boards where the wood will be in constant contact with the ground, which are available anywhere you can get woodworking or decking supplies. For the top of the deck usually a more decorative or composite wood will be used.

Keeping an Eye on the Details
Once you have your basic deck design laid out and your lumber selected, you still need to decide on a few other details. What color will your deck finish be? What types of fasteners will you use? Lighting can also be an important factor in the completion of your deck, especially if you plan on entertaining. Lastly, you will want to consider if and what kind of railing you may want to have around your deck. Though they may seem trivial, these details will have a large impact on the look and lifespan of your deck.

At Southern Lumber, you can find all the supplies you need to build a beautiful, durable deck. For information on our location and hours, call us today at (408) 297-9663. You can also visit our showroom in San Jose to see all of our beautiful lumber up close and in person.

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