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[ better from every angle ]

[ the view ]

Nothing comes between the beauty and the beholder…a fastener-free Humboldt Redwood deck surface.

[ the fit & finish ]

The unmistakable look and feel of a high-end professional job. Snug and secure. Consistent spacing along the full length of the board. Looks like it costs more; but it doesn't.

[ the ease of installation ]

It's faster and easier than you ever thought possible. The innovative CAMO edge-fastening installation makes it simple.

The CAMO Marksman® Pro X1 positions and guides CAMO Hidden Fasteners for a secure, side-angle entry to the deck board, with no pre-drilling required.

More beautiful, more professional, less work and less expensive –

Humboldt Redwood Decking with the CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System is Better From Every Angle.


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