Design Ideas for Your New Crown Molding

When you think about parts of your home that are ripe for redecoration, the area where your ceiling meets the wall probably does not spring to mind. But with crown molding , this area can add a touch of distinctiveness and character to any room. Furthermore, there are numerous ways to utilize crown molding in a space. Here are some design tips to keep in mind:

Crown Molding

You can experiment with different materials. Crown molding is available in a wide range of materials, including tin, aluminum, and wood. Tin and aluminum are a great choice for home remodeling projects because they are easy to cut and shape, while wood is a good choice for rooms that could use a sophisticated upgrade. Molding can be as simple and unadorned—or as ornate and decorative—as you want.

You can use crown molding nearly anywhere. Crown molding isn't limited to rooms with simple ceiling arrangements. If you have a room with a ceiling that curves, crown molding could be just the element you need for the elegant atmosphere you're looking to achieve. Flexible polyurethane crown molding is available that can be fitted to any room's design, and it's easy to paint or stain if you want it to blend in with—or contrast with—its surroundings.

You can use crown molding to hide wiring. If you need to add cable or audio wiring to any room, you're probably wondering if there's an alternative to removing drywall. Crown molding is the perfect solution. It not only keeps wiring out of sight and reduces the costs associated with cutting into your walls, but it's also attractive and visually appealing.

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