Dear Customers and Friends of SLC,

We sold through nearly our entire inventory! Thank you all (again) for your very heartfelt goodbyes and your continued support all the way down to selling our last box of nails on the last day. A very special thank-you to some of our former employees that came by during our last days to say goodbye to other fellow “old-timers”, some of whom I have not seen for many years.

To our museum collectors that have taken the time to put in requests for specific pieces from our collection: There is still time to put in requests for select items from our Museum Collection, but requests must be specific; stating that you’re “interested in some museum tools” is too broad to work with, so help me out please! I plan to meet with History San Jose this week to finalize which tools from the collection will be used in their woodworking & logging exhibit that they’re planning. Once they’re selected, I will sell off the remaining tools to collectors and woodworkers during our One Last Sale.

For clients that have enquired about buying our tools, heavy machinery, store fixtures, office furniture and many other items….we have compiled a list of available items and prices to send out to all interested parties prior to our One Last Sale. We will open the store for 2 days only, July 9 th & 10 th from 10 AM to 3 PM , for customers to view and purchase these items. If you are interested in receiving this list and/or previewing heavy equipment prior to One Last Sale, please email your request to Walkthroughs and previews need to be set up individually, so be sure to include a daytime number with your emailed request.

Thank you again for 110 years of woodworking magic from the Wonderful World of Wood!


Jeff Pohle



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