Factors to Consider When Choosing Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet HardwareThe perfect cabinet hardware in San Jose depends on the homeowner, the living space, and the reason for choosing new hardware. These elements are important to think about before shopping for additions to your kitchen. Here is a closer look at the factors to consider when choosing cabinet hardware.

If you want your home to have the best looking interior in the neighborhood, your cabinet hardware should accent the existing themes in your space. A more modern look may include sharp edges and neutral colors or whites and blacks. When it comes to modern cabinet hardware, thin rectangular options tend to fit well; sleek, round pulls can also facilitate a modern design. If you would like your cabinet hardware to match your walls, draws, or appliances, consider experimenting with different finishes; chrome hardware can be brushed nickel for a versatile look.

On top of being aesthetically pleasing, your cabinet hardware should also be safe; this is especially important if you live with small children. Since young kids like to idly play with almost anything, be sure that your cabinet hardware does not present any safety hazards. This means that you should avoid small metal knobs that may accidentally pop off of your cabinets and become choking hazards as well as long, tubular pulls that children can get their fingers stuck in.

Since you will be using your handles, pulls, and knobs on a daily basis, it is wise to choose materials that feel nice against your skin. You may want to avoid sharp knobs that can snag your clothing or rough handles that are unpleasant to the touch. Try out different knobs and handles before making your final decision.

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