Spotlight on Specialty Wood

From cabinet doors to hardwood flooring in San Jose, lumber is used for all kinds of different projects. In order to ensure optimal results from your woodworking project, sometimes you need rare or special kinds of wood. Read on as we put the spotlight on specialty wood .

A number of different kinds of specialty wood may be found at Southern Lumber including hardwood, softwood, and plywood. Our selection of hardwoods includes more than 50 species of clean and surfaced lumber. If you are looking for softwood you may be interested in our Construction Heart Redwood or our Sugar Pine. We also have a range of plywood that includes Red Oak, Walnut, Alder, and Knotty Pine in addition to a selection of rare wood like Italian Poplar, Baltic Finnish Birch Plywood, and Wigglewood. Most of our sheet goods are available in smaller, pre-cut sizes.

For more information about specialty wood feel free to call Southern Lumber at (408) 297-9663. We are proud to call ourselves San Jose’s home for woodworking and lumber. Please do not hesitate to stop in and meet with us or visit our website to learn more about our custom doors, bathroom vanities, and fencing services.


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