The Benefits of Redwood Fencing

Redwood FencingWooden fencing in San Jose is an excellent choice if you would like to enhance your home’s curbside appeal with a material that will last over time. Redwood is one type of wood that is particularly appropriate for fencing. Here is a brief overview of some of the benefits of redwood fencing.

Fences made from Redwood trees are comprised of the largest growing trees on Earth; a single Redwood tree can grow to be hundreds of feet tall, with a trunk thick enough to support the height. The lumber from a Redwood tree is an orange brown color that looks excellent when it is turned into fencing. If you plan on staining your fence, Redwood’s porous nature makes it easier to stain evenly than other types of lumber like Douglas fir.

Wooden fences are not only popular because of the visual appeal they can add to a piece of land; they are also known for their durability and long working lives. Redwood lumber does not shrink to the same degree as other types of wood, which makes its fences less likely to crack, split, or suffer other types of structural damage. Redwood is naturally stable and well dried, and its oils help it to resist rotting and ward off insects that may harm the wood. These qualities lead to a relatively minimal set of maintenance requirements.

Redwood lumber’s aesthetic qualities and ability to last over time make it an ideal choice when it comes to fencing projects. However, in order to enjoy these qualities over many years you must provide it with some maintenance. Sun exposure may turn the orange brown hue a grey color over time; fortunately, sanding the outer layer of the wood reveals the original color underneath.

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