The Steps of Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

New kitchen cabinet doors in Santa Clara can significantly enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen without requiring a great deal of work. Watch this video clip to preview the steps of replacing kitchen cabinet doors.

If you are looking for a simple way to revitalize your kitchen, consider upgrading your cabinet doors. Open your old door and locate the hinge inside the cabinet; disconnect the hinge using the locking lever and remove the old door. Then take the hinge out of the door and use a plunge router or a drill press with the appropriate Forstner bit to create a hole in the new door so it can receive the hinge. If you would like to skip this part of the work, we offer custom cabinet doors that can be pre-drilled to accept the euro hinges. Install the hinge into the new door, and attach the new door to the rest of the hinge in the cabinet.

For more information about how to replace kitchen cabinet doors, feel free to call Southern Lumber at (408) 297-9663 or visit our website. We provide the Santa Clara area with hardwood flooring, cabinet hardware, and specialty wood services.

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