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Shakertown Craftsman Panels are manufactured with premium western, Red Cedar shingles for residential and commercial siding applications. Shakertown Craftsman Panels install about six times faster than individual shingles and can go up with a pneumatic nailer. The concealed nailing creates a true, traditional shingle appearance.

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Interior or exterior, WindsorONE boards and moulding are milled to such high tolerances and exacting measurements that applications are limitless.

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Impervious to moisture and insects, AZEK moulding won't rot, crack or split. AZEK mouldings can be installed using traditional tools and fasteners. For custom applications, AZEK moulding products can be laminated and heat formed to create curved moulding details.

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Azek Premier Pro composite color railing, made from Cellular PVC material, is the #1 brand and offers the unequalled combination of uniformity, durability, workability and beauty.

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Kelleher Corporation provides a diverse range of wood products in a variety of species. Kelleher is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Advantage Primed Pine Products on the West Coast. They currently stock two varieties of products; treated or non-treated.

Redwood Real Redwood

Real Redwood is one wood that all the others try to imitate. Real Redwood resists shrinkage, warping, cupping and checking and is more durable than other common domestic softwoods. Redwood also resists decay and insects throughout the lumber not just on the surface making it a perfect material for siding. Because redwood contains little or no pitch or resins, it absorbs and retains all types of finishes exceptionally well. Consider Real Redwood on your next project.

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