Custom Cutting Services

Custom Cutting Services

Our one-of-a-kind milling facility provides precision cutting of material purchased at Southern Lumber. You give us the template, and we'll do the rest. Here are some of the services our milling department offers.

Miter Cutting - Precision miter cuts on most molding and lumber products.

Band Saw Work - We can cut a variety of shapes on lumber and plywood.

Decorative ends on beams - We can cut the ends of rafters or beams for that "Special Touch" on the arbor you are building.

Precision cross-cuts and rip-cuts - On plywood or lumber- We can cross-cut lumber up to 6" thick and rip lumber up to 20' long.

Planing - We can plane lumber down in thickness up to 30" wide.

Jointing - We have jointing capabilities for that perfect straight edge.

Dados, Rabbets, Grooves - We can perform specialty type cuts on lumber and plywood.

Transition Strips - We can manufacture a custom "Transition Strip" to solve that final problem on your new floor.

Cabinet Doors / Fronts - We can create new "Flush Type" cabinet doors and fronts for that new cabinet in the garage or your entire kitchen.

Drawers - We can replicate your old drawers with new sides, back, and bottoms. We can also re-create new wooden drawer slides.

Siding Patterns - If we can't manufacture that old siding pattern, we can special order it for you.

Stair Stringers - We calculate and cut new stair stringers.

Corbels - Custom cut corbels. We have a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Contact us with your questions or to request an estimate at 4082979663 and ask to speak to the Milling Department.

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